Joseph Muscat denies Terrorism Financing Allegations

Just as you start to think that no further controversy will surround the former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, allegations that he helped finance a terrorist organisation have been made by an American blogger, Kenneth Rijock. The claims state that the former Prime Minister is subject to an investigation taking place within the United States, which is linking him to the financing of terrorism.

Rijock runs his own blog which provides analysis and commentary surrounding the world of money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crime.

Joseph Muscat has directly denied these allegations and it is also important to mention that the blogger in question is a person who was convicted with money laundering in the past and eventually became an FBI informant.

The former Prime Minister also took a swipe at the blogger, who said that he finds it extremely difficult to believe anything which is published from his end. The blogger went on to add that Muscat would bribe Maltese ministers.

In his piece, the blogger quoted anonymous sources and cited unconfirmed reports. Prior to being caught by the FBI, the blogger was a money launderer for South American drug cartels. The blogger claims that Joseph Muscat secretly visited offshore financial centres in the Caribbean, to deposit illicit cash.

As part of his defending argument, the former Prime Minister indicated that the author’s credibility is questionable. He emphasises that although he does not know him, a search on the internet would show that he has been accused of fake news and was also made to apologise for material he published. Joseph Muscat went on to add that he was not contacted by any foreign law enforcement agency and is unaware of the mentioned investigation. He also stated that he has no other bank accounts except for the local ones, which have already been declared.

Apart from this blog article focusing on Joseph Muscat, he had a number of other pieces about Maltese people, some of which are in cabinet and being investigated for financial crime. In one of these articles, he states that two members of Maltese parliament are cooperating with law enforcement agencies in exchange for a plea deal or immunity. He has never mentioned any of these members of parliament and official and transparent sources are not highlighted either.

What do you make of all this? Would you trust such a news piece? Let us know in the comments section below.

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