Is Donald Trump’s Infection a Political Ploy?

Donald Trump is a name familiar to most around the world. Apart from being the President of the United States, which is a remarkable feat on its own, he is also a successful and prominent businessman. One would naturally imagine that his level of strategic thinking has developed over the years, and anything that he does, should be considered as part of a greater plan.

It has recently been announced that the United States President has been infected with COVID-19. Naturally, the news of this spread through media agencies spread like wildfire and everyone was talking about it! For a good couple of days, you would encounter an update about Donald Trump’s condition every few minutes or so. It is as if the world had paused and was solely following Donald Trump’s developments against COVID-19.

When someone as popular is caught up in such an unusual tangle, it is very normal to expect some conspiracy theories. In fact, one of the theories which has arisen following his infection, is whether this is all a political ploy. There are those who doubt the veracity of these reports and argue that Donald Trump’s infection may not be true at all.

Why would Donald Trump feign a COVID-19 infection?

For his second presidential election, Donald Trump finds himself as the underdog in the polls. The global context is immensely unfortunate for the United States President, as he must navigate through an unprecedented pandemic, balancing between large numbers of infections and keeping the economy open.

The COVID-19 infection could help Donald Trump gain sympathy with a number of voters. Although he has a certain aura of invincibility, the fact that he is or was infected could be used to his political benefit, as he appears more human. Considering all the criticism that was hurled at him during this pandemic, appearing more human can definitely benefit the current United States President.

Another potential political benefit of Donald Trump’s infection is that media attention will be fully focused on this matter. This coverage surrounding the status of his health will dilute the efforts of the Biden campaign, making the message harder to transmit. This means that for a good number of days, the campaign’s strength would be diluted and at a critical time for that matter!

Once Donald Trump recovers from COVID-19, he will be able to speak about the disease from a first-hand experience point of view, making his opinion all the more credible. He will also be able to stage a grand return once he is clear of it. This can be yet another strong opportunity for Donald Trump to strengthen his re-election prospects.

So, what do you make of all this?

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