How concerned is the Labour party with Bernard Grech?

The election for the Nationalist party leader has come to a close and as expected, Bernard Grech has been elected to lead, claiming over sixty-five percent of the votes. Throughout his campaign and also as he was confirmed as leader, Bernard Grech continued to promote unity as the key ingredient for success.

Throughout the months of this campaign, it has been noted that the Labour party was heavily critical of Bernard Grech and significantly less so for Adrian Delia. It is very safe to say that only Bernard Grech was targeted for criticism by the Labour media. There have also been reports that Adrian Delia may be a tad too friendly with the Labour party. Such suspicions grew further when meetings were reported between Adrian Delia and members of the Labour party.

The way that the Labour party reacted towards the potential candidature of Bernard Grech is quite peculiar. Why is it that the Labour party has been quite obvious about its distaste for Bernard Grech? This is shown by the fact that the Labour party activists have been quite vocal about Grech’s Greek comment.

Many are of the belief that the Labour party is more concerned with Bernard Grech as leader of the Nationalist party, rather than Adrian Delia.

So why would the Labour party be so concerned about Bernard Grech?

A new face that is attracting a lot of followers

When comparing Bernard Grech to other more renowned politicians, one will notice that he has had less exposure, however still managed to attract a hefty number of followers. This is one of the positive elements surrounding Bernard Grech.

Little baggage

The new face of Bernard Grech is associated with cleaner and more modest politics. Although there have been some doubts pertaining to his tax returns, when compared to the recent controversies associated with the current government, this is dubbed as a lesser issue.


Charisma can help one progress significantly in politics. Having the capacity of attracting people’s attention is a key trait. Bernard Grech is managing to do just that! This is precisely one of the reasons why Joseph Muscat managed to win two landslide elections.

As the Nationalist party heralds a new era with Bernard Grech at the helm, an early election could be on the cards. Should an election date be set, who would you prefer to lead the country, Bernard Grech or Robert Abela? Let us know in the comments section below.

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