4 Things Bernard Grech needs to do

Bernard Grech seems to be the new face that is gathering fast support from several quarters within the Nationalist Party. In this article, we shall discuss four things that Bernard Grech must-do if elected as leader.

Unite the different factions

The Nationalist party finds itself at crossroads. The different factions which are present within the party are all too evident. It is quite clear that several members of the party are working in opposite directions and a leader to unite all these factions under one banner is the need of the hour. One also notices that Bernard Grech’s proposition is that of unity, something that several Nationalist party voters are eager to see.

 Build an identity for the Nationalist party

The Nationalist party has long been criticised for not having a stand on several issues. For many, the Nationalist party lacks identity and vision as it does not have a clear position on where it stands. One of Bernard Grech’s initial projects should be focused around what the Nationalist party shall stand for going forward. This will then automatically govern its position as new issues crop up in the future.

Take clear positions

Being a political party, the PN cannot remain in limbo when faced with tough stands to take. It must take a side as opting for a neutral point of view makes things worse. It seems to be a party that changes its views depending on what suits it best at any given moment in time. Such inconsistency makes the party look weak and lacking structure.

Bring in new candidates

To stand a chance in the upcoming election, the Nationalist party needs new blood to attract voters. People are simply fed up of the same faces which seem to lack inspiration going forward. The upcoming star candidates do not necessarily need to be involved in politics. The success of the Labour party can also be attributed to the fact that it introduced new politicians that were earmarked as star candidates. Considering that most members of the Nationalist party group are associated with electoral losses, it is high time that new leadership is backed with new star candidates.

What are your views on Bernard Grech as the Nationalist party leader? What else do you think that he needs to do if elected leader? Let us know in the comments section below.

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