Buying furniture, the right and easy way!

Looking to buy new furniture or to upgrade an existing space in your house?

This is very likely to be one of those stressful things to do, unless the process is well-planned and thought out.

We met Neville Refalo, from Art At Home, who was kind enough to share some useful tips on how to go about buying furniture, the right and easy way. 

Identify needs.

Some pieces of furniture are essential, while others may be welcome although not absolutely necessary. Do you own a luxury lampshade, whilst lacking a comfortable sofa in your living room? Your back will thank you upon that pragmatic purchase! Establish your needs first, and have a clear idea of what you’re after.

Money, money, money…

While all of us would love to own top-of-the-range products to furnish our homes, we must be reasonable and establish a sensible budget for the furniture required.  Buy something that you can afford, or at least that you can save up for in a matter of months, rather than years.  Shop around, see if your budget is in line with what the market has to offer, and adjust the figures accordingly.


When buying furniture, you might hope the goods last for fifteen to twenty years or more. Sometimes, expectations are far from reality. Very cheap items are not made to last a lifetime. It is imperative to understand what type of material is being used. Compare like with like, not model with model. A design of an armchair may be similar, however, you may wish to ask, what material and grade it is made of?  The price of a product varies, according to the materials used. Some materials are more practical than others, ask for the pros and cons.  Any furniture expert should help you make the best choice, depending on your needs, preferences and budget.

Space and design

Take pictures of the areas that you would like to furnish, so that a specialist can get a grasp of the style of your property. Are you furnishing an empty room or would you like to add furniture to compliment existing pieces? What are the physical dimensions of your space? Which walls or areas are to be covered? What about existing or planned colour schemes, textures and patterns?  Show up equipped with all the plans, sizes and information.

Function and aesthetics

Furniture should be convenient, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Some furniture pieces offer extra storage and multiple functions.  Find a balance between your day-to-day needs, whole space available as well as what looks good in this space.

Art at Home in Attard offers a very vast range of furniture products with a team of professionals who look forward to assisting you further in your choices. 



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