The importance of factual news during a crisis

The news is the main source where most of us get their information. In a world where most can develop an online blog and publish articles, the importance of following factual news has never been more important. In times of crisis, take for example a pandemic, it is important to follow reliable news sources which publish articles based on research and facts.

During such unprecedented times, the array of news articles based on sensationalism and exaggerations is remarkable. In this article, we will discuss some important tips to ensure that you consume good and factual information. In a world with such uncertainty, it is important to arm
yourself with good information that is accurate.

Check your sources

Whilst scrolling through your social media feed, it is very normal to come across an eye-catching title. You would immediately click and read the article. The natural inclination would be to start believing that which was published. Before you start reading the contents of the article, it would make sense to check who published it. Was the article published by a reputable news source? Or a strange looking and non-familiar URL address? An article by a non-familiar platform needs to be viewed with a certain sense of scepticism.

People interviewed

A news article may typically contain an interview, taking place in a question and answer format. Inquiring about the interviewee’s background is necessary to establish whether the article is credible. If the theme of the article revolves around a particular subject matter, in which the interviewee is an expert, this means that the piece contains the viewpoint of a credible source. When experts about certain subjects are interviewed, the quality of the read undoubtedly increases.


When articles make reference to statistics and numbers, it would make sense to see what figures they are actually quoting and the entity which produced them. Anyone can make bold statements, therefore knowing that the figures were produced by a credible entity is necessary.


You should also consider the reputation of the news source publishing the piece. Is this particular news source renowned for good quality journalism or for sensationalist articles focusing on clickbait? As a rule of thumb, it makes very good sense to search for articles which are published on reliable news sources.

In today’s internet society, there are many so called publishers, which means that we need to be extra careful of what news we subscribe to. Avoid the fake news!

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