Keeping your money safe when things go wrong

Many would be foolish to think that all phases of their lifetime will be characterised by economic prosperity. Finances and income work in cycles and sometimes we will go through bad patches. In reality, certain financial predicaments may be out of our control and we would need to adapt accordingly.

A downturn in financial fortunes is sometimes like the weather. You cannot argue with it. You simply need to adapt to it. In such cases, you will need to ensure to have sufficient contingency to see the phase through. In this article, we will discuss some of the things you can do to manage such dire economic downturns.

Manage and control spending

When times are tough, you need to manage and control your spending. This can be done only by tracking your expenses carefully and trimming the ones which are not necessary. In such periods, you will need to ensure that you are focusing your purchasing solely on the essentials and not money wasters which make you feel good for a brief while. You can track by logging your expenses in a spreadsheet and then can manage and compare the monthly expenditures on a regular basis. You should also consider having a bank account which is just used for such monthly expenses.

Have an emergency fund

An amount of money saved just for emergencies can be extremely useful and will give you peace of mind. Such an example of an emergency fund would include the expenditure of six months for example, to ensure you have a bit of a leeway just in case tragedy strikes. This emergency fund should cater for your mortgage, rent, school fees and day to day living expenses.

Avoid debt

When times are financially stringent, you will need to be very careful with debt. Your dream car will need to wait if it is going to lure you into debt which might make it difficult for you to keep up with. When times are difficult, consolidation and saving might be the safest approach.

Enhance your skills

In times when finances are grim, insecurity related to job opportunities may arise. In this regard, it is important to ensure that you are constantly upgrading your skills. This will allow you to stand out and places you in a better position should a good opportunity come along.

No panic

It may be difficult to maintain composure when things are not going well. In these situations, one needs to maintain composure and avoid panic. Losing the plot can lead to several mistakes, which may impact you negatively in the long-term.

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