Gozo’s Best Tourists

Gozo is definitely a place to visit and hands down benefits significantly from several tourists. Similar to Malta, many businesses in Gozo, including those in hospitality reach their peak during the summer months.

Many Gozitan businesses would be pleased to see an influx of tourists which would help them keep their businesses up and running. One particular segment of tourists that the Gozitans do indeed look forward to are the Maltese. Many people in Malta would visit Gozo for a few days, especially during the summer months.

This is definitely more the case now, as travelling to other European countries is more restricted and people feel that it is less safe to do so. In view of the rising cases across most countries, many have postponed their travel plans to next year. In the meantime, many Maltese locals have snatched the opportunity to visit Gozo and spend a few days of peace and relaxation, away from the usual routine.

In addition to the fact that many European countries have seen spikes in cases, the government of Malta is also promoting internal tourism, where locals are encouraged to support businesses set up in Malta and Gozo. This initiative has been spearheaded by the vouchers provided by the Maltese government. The vouchers consist of a total of one hundred Euro, eighty of which can be spent at businesses which provide hospitality services and the other twenty at retail outlets.

It is clear to see that this does indeed provide the perfect opportunity for Maltese locals to spend their government subsidised vouchers at outlets in Gozo. This brings to the fore several opportunities for Gozitan businesses to make some income. The summer is in reality, the perfect opportunity for that as during the winter months, businesses in Gozo would move at a much slower pace.

So what can you do in Gozo?

Book a farmhouse

One of the most popular options is to book a farmhouse. Most of these have splendid character with sizable pools. They provide more privacy than your usual hotel and allow you to relax. You also get to enjoy the pool on your own, with the people close to you. It also provides the necessary isolation which is more and more requested during these pandemic times.

Eat at restaurants

Obviously! You will at some point need to visit some restaurants and indulge in some cuisine prepared in Gozo.

Visit Gozo’s most popular places

There are several places to visit in Gozo. These include Marsalforn, Xlendi and Rabat, amongst others. These places are normally brimming with activity, especially during the summer months.

What do you think about a good visit to Gozo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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