Coronavirus and Sex

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world. The term “new normal” has become synonymous with various behaviours that we are now forced to undertake to live with this pandemic. The “new normal” is associated with processes such as social distancing at the workplace, wearing of masks at
shops and consistent hand washing.

Whilst we may tend to think that this “new normal” is just associated with work, shopping and outdoor activities, it is also related to sex. Advice has been published by the Terrence Higgins Trust in relation to sex, none of it too exciting!

The first piece of advice is to avoid kissing, followed by wearing a face mask and opting for sex positions which are not face-to-face. So if you thought you were restricted in the past before the pandemic, imagine now!

According to the Trust, people will require to balance between the need to have sex and express intimacy and minimising the risks of spreading COVID-19.

The Trust goes on to indicate that having multiple partners is not ideal, and that the best is to have sex with someone you live with. Phone and online sex options should also be considered according to the Trust.

It seems to be acknowledged that after months of social distancing and lockdown, it is impossible to prevent people from indulging in sexual activity. In this regard, the Trust states that it is important to limit the number of partners you are having sex with.

Needless to say, be wary of any COVID-19 symptoms you or your partner might have. The same applies to the household members. If any family members of your partner have displayed symptoms, it is recommended to avoid any sexual activity.

COVID-19 spread during sex

There are different ways how the coronavirus can spread during sex. This can spread through saliva, mucus or breath. The Trust also mentions that the virus has also been found in semen, which means that the use of a contraceptive is also recommended.

It is also advised to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer both before and after sexual activity.

Although the time spent inside has definitely limited the opportunities for sexual encounters, now just before restarting, it might be a good idea to get tested for any sexually transmitted diseases.
Just to make sure…

What are your views in relation to sexual precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19? Let us know in the comments section below.

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