Worthwhile Careers for Maltese Students

As a student, selecting a field of study can be quite an overwhelming time in life. Whether anyone would like it or not, students at a very young age must determine which subject areas they would wish to pursue, eventually influencing the career path they take. It is indeed stressful, as a decision you take when you are still young will impact your career opportunities. If you are still a student and undecided what career path you want to take, do not fear! In this article, we will discuss some worthwhile careers you may consider!


Some of the most promising career prospects are most definitely found in the IT sector. There are different areas one can specialise in, in various industries. As cybercrime continues to grow, the focus on IT specialists, especially those focused on security continues to grow. People who graduate in IT are amongst the fastest to be snapped up by companies and recruiters. This is especially so when it comes to gaming companies who are constantly on the look-out for IT specialists.


Another extremely popular career choice is accounting. Those who study accounting normally find jobs whilst they are undertaking their university studies, within accountancy and auditing firms. The constant need for such professionals practically ensures that they will find immediate employment. Couple this with a few years of experience and the career horizons become very interesting and lucrative indeed.


Those reading for a law degree can aim for several opportunities across various spheres. Those studying law can opt for a career in a corporate environment, serving in compliance roles. In a time where financial regulation is constantly under the spotlight, the need for such professionals is indeed dire. Other opportunities may be more in the family and civil law spheres.


In a country where we have become very much focused on property development, a job as an architect can be very prosperous. With that said, it does seem that construction and development will continue to yield the best return on investment, which means that the roles of architects will remain of paramount importance.

General business

Students undertaking studies in commerce may find a wealth of opportunities in various organisations. A strong business background will be vital in practically any role within an organisation. Such an area of study would be ideal, especially in Malta where the economy continues to grow and both new and established businesses are consistently seeking such professionals.

Any recommendations for students? Let us know in the comments section.

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