What do People Fear Most at Work?

Most people have to work for a living and would need to show that they can perform well. It is very natural that people would have their own insecurities related to the workplace. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the things that people may fear in a work-related context.

Getting fired

Let us start with the most obvious first. People may fear getting fired from their job, especially if they are heavily dependent on their salary for survival. Some people might get fired for constantly underperforming, whilst others may get the sack for a one-off mistake which would cost them dearly. Either way, the thought of getting fired is the stuff of nightmares for most people.

Apart from the humiliation of getting the sack, some people might struggle explaining what happened to their future potential employers, making it difficult to find a new job.

Being reprimanded by their boss

Most people would be extremely concerned if they were reprimanded or disciplined by their superior. Whilst at some point everyone will be given a hard pill to swallow, people who love their job are likely to fear being slapped by their bosses. This is especially so because of any underlying repercussions which may lead to a detriment for their professional growth and career.

Being passed on for a promotion

Most people would work extremely hard in a bid to be considered for a promotion. Some employees would be extremely afraid of being passed on for a promotion or salary increase, especially if they have been working hard for these. Things could be made a lot worse if someone else benefited from a less-deserved promotion.

Being judged

Employees may also be concerned of what their peers and colleagues think of them. Being judged and perceived negatively is therefore a major concern amongst a number of people working in corporate environments. Being spoken about in a negative context might lead to others treating you with a lack of respect. This may lead to severe repercussions where employees may be isolated and not given opportunities to grow due to a negative reputation created by others. 

A dead-end

Another fear at the place of work is that an employee might fear that his job becomes a mundane one, with no opportunities for further growth. A dead-end job will make an employee less relevant for a company with limited opportunities for reward and exposure.

What do you think about workplace fears? Do you think that there is another type of fear worthy of mention? Let us know in the comments section below.

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