The Value of Remarketing

Remarketing is a strong advertising tool which allows you to increase the conversion value of online leads and close pending sales and. In a nutshell, it is the effort aimed at promoting your services to people who have already visited your advertorial or website, i.e. investing your advertising on those who have already expressed an interest in your services.

One example of how this is done is by using a platform such as Google or Facebook Ads to target people with your advertising when they visit other websites which may not be related. Most probably you would notice that the airline or hotel ads seem to be following you when you visited their website to contemplate whether you should buy a ticket or book accommodation. That is precisely remarketing, or more accurately retargeting. It is a strategy associated with optimised return on investment and should be investigated by companies who close sales online.

Email retargeting is effective

Research indicates that people would prefer to receive targeted promotions via email. This may be all the truer since the search network is brimming with display ads. Emails sent via a remarketing strategy are more likely to stand out since they contain material which is of interest to the person receiving them, unlike emails which are sent via a mass-market approach.

Consistency and repetition

Potential customers are likely to purchase your product following several visits to your website across different days. Customers need to be reminded and remarketing does just that. Once the first purchase is made, customers will be more comfortable to return, hence remarketing, in essence, can help you build further loyalty.

In the past, marketing specialists would rely solely on the power of mass marketing, pushing thousands of adverts, in the hope of getting some buyers. Such strategies would yield unnecessary traffic, poor conversion rates and high cost per clicks.

Remarketing is a sophisticated tool which targets users based on their interests. 

So let’s imagine you have been browsing for a set of shoes. You find a set you really like and lucky you, they have your size. One thing leads to another and you shift to your work account to send an email. You forgot all about those shoes. Two days later, an ad comes along and displays these very same shoes you wanted to buy. You understand that you forgot all about them and know that it is only a matter of time before someone else buys them. So you purchase!

Obviously this will not work with every single prospect but you will understand the benefit of tailoring your marketing efforts based on your users’ preferences. Want to learn more about how you can leverage remarketing for the benefit of your business? Speak to the team at Business Or Pleasure? to learn more. Just send an email on

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