Who could be the next PN Leader?

In the midst of a political crisis taking place within the Nationalist party, members of the parliamentary group of the Opposition are piling the pressure on the current Leader Adrian Delia. It is reported that a significant number of members of parliament are forcing Adrian Delia to resign and make way for a new leader who may bring the party back to its feet. When considering that a good number of parliamentary members are against him, one can argue that his days are numbered. If he does indeed resign, who may take his place? In this article, we will discuss potential contenders who may aim for the spot.

Roberta Metsola

Someone who has been involved in the Nationalist party for a number of years and knows the ins and outs. She holds a respectable role as a Member of the European Parliament and is consistently elected. She may be the person who could unite the different factions within the party under a common goal. Roberta Metsola would also not be the first Member of European Parliament who went in for a leadership role.

Bernard Grech

His involvement in the party is still quite minimal, however he has managed to attract a number of people. Many people would be pleased to see him occupy a senior post within the Nationalist party as he is slowly becoming more involved. Some also argue that he would be fit for the leadership post. Who knows if the Nationalist party would be inclined to have someone with little political experience to take the helm again?

Joe Giglio

A well-respected charismatic lawyer who has slowly started to participate in political discussions. He is also being tipped for a potential leadership run as the Nationalist party followers are desperate to see new candidates contest senior positions. Like Bernard Grech however, he too has little political experience which could prove problematic.

Beppe Fenech Adami

Someone who has significant experience within the Nationalist party and a name which is synonymous with success. Beppe Fenech Adami would indeed be a favourite should he decide to contest and is very much liked by the party diehards. 

Ivan Bartolo


The former CEO of 6PM is a well-respected businessman and was associated with the Nationalist party, being a candidate. His business acumen is something which may serve the party well. He may also be a favourite amongst the anti-Delia clan, since he had voiced his disapproval of the current leadership publicly.

Who would you like to see as the Leader of the Nationalist party? Is there someone else you deem worthy of mention? Let us know in the comments section below.

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