Time to admit. Being attractive helps you move further in life than being ugly

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Wrong! Many people do believe that beauty is subjective. Generally, both men and women would agree on who is aesthetically gifted versus who is not. This also applies across different cultures. There are different elements which make someone attractive to look at. These may include high cheekbones, full lips, big eyes and a thin chin. Nice skin and shiny hair also contribute to one’s overall beauty. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of being beautiful.

Higher popularity with the opposite sex

People who are attractive enjoy more popularity with the opposite sex and would be more likely to find a partner that is equally good-looking. People who are attractive may feel more fulfilled since they may have partners that match their expectations, rather than having to settle.

Improved career prospects

This is not exactly fair but people with better looks can have an edge in their career. People with good looks can be perceived as more successful and credible. This especially applies to people who are constantly interacting with others and would need to convince as part of their job. Let’s take someone in sales or business development for example. People with better looks are more likely to close deals and bring home the money for their companies. In one particular study, across three hundred Dutch advertising agencies, it was found that companies with better-looking executives had higher revenues. 

An edge in persuasion

Attractive people have a tool at their disposal, and this is called sex appeal. They can use this to easily grab attention and get ahead. Such examples of getting ahead may include scenarios in job interviews, when asking for a promotion or negotiating a raise. They also tend to be more effective communicators, as research points out that they are better in talking than unattractive people.

Perception of trustworthiness

People who are beautiful are normally treated better than others. A study by Harvard University showed that people who are attractive and well made-up improve their perception of trustworthiness, likability and attractiveness.

Perform better in politics

According to a study in Finland, politicians who looked better than their competitors are more successful. People enjoy watching good-looking individuals in action and they are perceived as performing better in social situations.

Perceived as healthier

People with a certain degree of facial symmetry and attractiveness are perceived to be healthier. This does not mean that it would be the case!

What are your views about physical beauty and attractiveness? Let us know in the comments section below.

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