Superhero Movies Of All Times

Superhero movies hold a very special place in the world of cinema and entertainment. Various movie remakes revolving around superheroes are quite trendy considering that some have built a certain legendary status amongst millions of cinemagoers worldwide. Such superheroes enjoy a timeless status and win the hearts of different generations. In this article, we will discuss some superhero movies which will be remembered.

Nolan’s Batman trilogy

A superhero article would not be complete, unless you highlight Batman. Nolan’s trilogy captured a great deal of the essence of this superhero and it will take a lot to match this series. The first movie revolves around a rebellious Bruce Wayne, who is scouted by the League of Shadows, eventually becoming one of the members. Upon realisation that their dogma justifies murder and mass execution when people are guilty of murder and society becomes corrupt, he abandons the League to practise his own belief of justice, which never accommodates murder. The first movie culminates into a final battle between Batman and his mentor, with the former taking the upper hand.

The second movie is renowned for Heath Ledger’s masterpiece as the Joker. In a movie, where you have such a strong villain, the superhero’s status is all the more alleviated. When compared to the first movie, this instalment had a recurring dark theme which revolved around the psychological illness of the Joker and that even a morally good lawyer could be corrupted into villainy.

The end of the series leads to the ultimate test for Batman as he is brutalised by Bane and was spared simply so that he could be tortured. In a remarkable turn of events, Batman defeats Bane and foils his plan to destroy Gotham city with a nuclear bomb. Batman feigns his own death and can be seen at the end as Bruce Wayne, in a more tranquil setting.

Sam Raimi’s Spiderman

Also a trilogy, this series was launched in the 2000s. The story revolves around an orphan raised by his uncle and aunt. He is bitten by a genetically modified spider and develops spider like attributes and reflexes. He uses his newly found superpowers to fight evil, with the movie culminating in the fight and subsequent death of the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn, the father of Peter Parker’s best friend. The second movie focuses on the battle between Spiderman and Dr Octavius, a formidable foe who falls short of Spiderman’s witty abilities. The third instalment revolves around the conflict between the new Green Goblin, Harry Osborne, Peter Parker’s best friend and Spiderman. The conflict between these two friends gives added spice to the storyline. Towards the end of the movie, Spiderman is ambushed by both Venom and the Sandman. The altercation almost claims his life, with Harry Osborn coming in to save his friend, losing his life along the way.

Snyder’s Batman vs Superman

This movie came with much anticipation as people were very eager to see the fight between Batman and Superman. One of the high points of the movie is indeed the epic fight between Batman and Superman. As Batman is about to deliver the fatal blow, the two rejoice and take on the creature called Doomsday. In a selfless act, Superman sacrifices himself to kill Doomsday, with many believing that he dies in the act. Spoiler alert! Superman is resurrected in the sequel!

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