MALTA: The Most Popular Wedding Destination in the Mediterranean

Getting married is the main milestone a couple can achieve and their wedding day is arguably one of the best in one’s lifetime. Selecting the location where to get married then, becomes one of the most important decisions which will undoubtedly impact the success of your event.

Let’s face it, you do not plan to get married every day, so might as well make it a memorable occasion and tie the knot in the most popular wedding destination in the Mediterranean, Malta.

Malta is a beautiful gem in the Mediterranean, with over three hundred days of sunshine, making it the ideal country to get hitched.

One venue which will ensure a successful outcome is the Waterfall Gardens. 

The Waterfall Gardens is located in a quaint area in Siggiewi and has established itself as a leading venue for both local and foreign weddings, holding over a decade of experience.

Why should you consider the Waterfall Gardens?

Majestic venue

The Waterfall Gardens, forming part of the Limestone Heritage is exceptional when it comes to its aesthetic value and culminates in the remarkable sight of its thirty-foot waterfall, something you will not find anywhere else. The venue is truly, a one of a kind attraction on the island of Malta and offers an unparalleled experience for an unforgettable wedding.


The food and beverages are prepared by one of the leading catering operators within the island, to ensure a sublime catering experience for all esteemed guests. The packages are also customised depending on the couple’s preference and the theme they wish to adopt, from a stand-up reception to a sit-down dinner. One example would be Indian themes, for those couples coming all the way from India! Couples may also opt for delightful BBQs and banquets. Other themes are also available if requested.


Although the Waterfall Gardens holds two venues, enabling couples the option to choose, you are guaranteed exclusivity as once one venue is booked, the other is automatically held for you as well. This is ideal for those who would like the ceremony at one venue and a dinner setting or reception in the other. The Waterfall Gardens can accommodate different types of weddings, ranging from fifty to five hundred guests and even ones which are longer than usual.


The Waterfall Gardens has all the necessary permits in place to also organise civil ceremonies on site, ensuring that all will go smoothly for your special day.

Ideal at any time of year

Most of Malta’s months are brimming with splendid sunshine and pleasant weather, making it quite easy to enjoy the outdoor venue. For those considering a winter wedding, the Waterfall Gardens also holds a fully equipped indoor venue which makes it the perfect choice even if weather conditions are less than ideal.


The venue is equipped with ample parking space, sparing you the headache of trying to find a spot for your car!

Quality assured

The Waterfall Gardens forms part of an award-winning complex and is certified as a quality assured venue. Want to have a look? Check out the Waterfall Gardens in its entirety by clicking below: 

The sky is the limit with regards to the available options, whether it is lavish firework fuelled excitement or a simple exquisite banquet. All this is offered at very affordable rates.

Thinking about holding your wedding in Malta? Send an email to to discuss your requirements. They’ve got it covered for your special day!

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