Is Sushi Healthy?

Over the past few years, sushi has become one of the leading favourite dining experiences amongst several people. There was a time when people were a bit sceptical about sushi and would not be too inclined with eating raw fish. Fast forward a few years later and the top sushi restaurants are swarmed with people on a regular basis.

Cutting the long story short, the answer is yes. BUT, apparently, there is more to just a YES. 

The term sushi refers to seasoned rice, not fish, as many would seem to think. Another point which also merits discussion is whether sushi is healthy. Firstly, one needs to keep in mind that there are several ways how to make sushi. This will definitely impact how healthy the meal becomes. Sushi often comes with ingredients such as tuna and salmon, which contain omega-3s protein. A lot of them also come with cucumber, which would be high in fibre, vitamin C and K. There are other items which contribute to the healthy aspect of sushi. Such also includes avocados which are full of monounsaturated fats, the seaweed wrap, which is high in iodine, fibre and ginger which is an antioxidant. One also needs to mention that a sushi meal would contain a mixture of carbs, fats and protein, thus giving your body a good combination of fuel that it needs.

Sushi is normally accompanied by nutrient-based foods which also promote a healthy lifestyle. These include edamame, salad, seaweed, tempeh, tofu, miso and vegetables. Such food items are the reason why Japanese children lead worldwide in terms of health.

With that said, one also needs to be careful when eating sushi. It is important to eat sushi at places which are reputable as any negligence in the preparation can lead to significant health risks. Such would include food poisoning by bacteria like Salmonella and Vibrio vulnificus, as well as the risk of parasites, like the tapeworm. Do not Google these images out. No, you don’t 

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Another problem could be mercury poisoning. There is the risk of such poisoning if you eat sushi often. The way you can manage this risk is by eating fewer items containing fish which live longer such as swordfish and king mackerel. You should replace these with smaller prey fish such as shrimp and salmon. Very important is the fact that pregnant women should avoid raw fish and that which is high in mercury!

Those who enjoy sushi are likely to have tried out soy sauce. This needs to be consumed in small amounts due to the high sodium. This is especially so if you are trying to lower your blood pressure! As much as possible, you should also avoid the tempura, due to the fact that it is fried.

Although sushi is a delightful meal and has a number of health benefits, you still need to watch out for excess consumption. Since sushi is normally served in small bites, it is quite easy to eat a lot.  So keep watch!

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