How do Working Parents Cope?

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle makes things very difficult for working parents. In the past, one spouse used to work whilst the other would stay at home. For most families, this is no longer the case, as both parents now work to keep up with life’s commitments. In this article, we will discuss how working parents cope when they are stretched and need to function for around sixteen hours a day!


Proper collaboration and synergy are essential to managing a family.  When there are several commitments, including the needs of children, parents need to work together as a team to ensure the wellbeing of the family. The good collaboration includes the proper distribution of responsibilities to ensure that both partners are giving their fair share, not only from a work point of view but also from a household perspective.

Time management

Time management is not just for work, time management is good in every situation. Time will also be an issue. There will never be enough time to keep up with all the things on your plate. With that said, it is of vital importance that all things on your schedule are allocated the appropriate time, otherwise you risk not managing to keep up. Being disciplined with time can make a world of wonders, especially on a personal level.

Quality time

In such a fast-paced lifestyle, it is very important to spend quality time with your better half. Failing to do so may have severe repercussions on one’s relationship and family. When couples do not allocate sufficient time to spend with each other, the relationship suffers and arguments are more likely to go out of control. This brings about several pressures both on the couple itself and also the children. Whilst it may indeed be difficult to find the time, couples must work to ensure that they spend quality time. Such quality time could include date nights, engaging in hobbies together and other activities which spark discussion and opportunities for the couple to talk.

Understanding and support

Being able to offer understanding and support is an essential quality in any relationship. For working couples to succeed in their personal lives, they need to ensure that there is a strong degree of understanding and support between spouses.

What do you think about the lifestyle of working couples? Do you think it is too stressful? Any other recommendations to share with us? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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