Gender Equality: is it hearsay?

We claim to have made significant inroads when it comes to gender equality. It is an immensely sensitive topic and you will encounter different and sensitive opinions regarding the matter. In this article, we will discuss different contexts of gender equality and how this has developed in recent years.


Many agree that today women play a more significant role than the passive one that they used to hold in the past. Today, women are qualified and hold important jobs which pay good money. Women are also given significant opportunities to grow professionally and achieve greater heights. Although this is true to a certain extent, some will argue otherwise. There are those who would state that the corporate world is still very much male-dominated, and men usually land more senior and higher-paying jobs. 

In fact, there are several studies which show that women get paid less than men, for the same work. The concept of equal work pay for all, irrespective of gender is still something many people fight for and the battle is a constant one. There are those who mention the fact that women are disadvantaged because of their roles as mothers, where they end up spending a significant amount of time to take care of their children. In this regard, some argue that women have lesser chances of being promoted to senior roles because at some point, their career will not be the main priority, once they need to take care of their children. This argument is also extended in relation to discrimination, where women may be discriminated against in job interviews and a male candidate would be selected.


Women today are encouraged to further their education. This enables them to prepare for more fulfilling careers, achieving independence. It is quite commonplace to hear that women are achieving high scale degrees at Master’s and Doctoral levels. In fact, tertiary education institutions seem to be hosting more females than males for certain areas of study.

Family roles

In the past, it was commonplace to have the males working, whilst the females would tend to the household chores and take care of their children. Modern society does not allow for this framework any longer and both partners today need to give their fair share in household chores and the upbringing of the kids. In fact, a lot of pressure may be created on the family if one of the spouses steers away from his or her household responsibilities.

What do you think about gender equality? Where do you think we can improve? Let us know in the comments section below.

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