Football Rivalries amongst the Maltese

Football is definitely one of the most popular and followed sports in Malta. People in Malta support various football teams and as one can expect, there are rivalries between fans of different clubs. In this article, we will discuss some of these rivalries, which add spice to this beautiful sport.

Manchester United vs Liverpool fans

One of the most intense rivalries between Maltese football supporters is that between those who follow Manchester United and Liverpool. Two teams with immensely rich histories, both familiar with football success. Quite a while back, Manchester United fans had the upper hand as their team would challenge for Premier League and Champions League titles. 

Liverpool’s domestic league drought is very much targeted by Manchester United fans, where they constantly face banter due to the number of years of never winning the title. Time has not been kind with Manchester United as their footballing prowess has slowly diminished and Liverpool have enhanced their standing. Last year, Liverpool won the Champions League, Europe’s most prestigious club competition and this year they are leading the Premier League with a hefty number of points making them the clear favourites.

Inter vs Juventus fans

Another strong rivalry is that between Inter and Juventus fans. The two clubs have had their fair share of domestic and European success and are deemed to be successful football clubs. Juventus fans remind those supporting Inter of their domestic success, whilst their counterparties make reference to their lack of European success, citing the bianconeri’s failure in achieving Champions League silverware. 

Inter fans also enjoy reminding Juventus followers that they were never relegated to Serie B and that they are the last Italian team to win the Champions League back in 2010.

Inter vs Milan fans

Another strong rivalry is that between Inter and Milan followers. Both clubs hailing from Milan, the teams have a splendid history of success and each encounter between the two brings excitement and a packed San Siro stadium. 

Both teams had better players in the past and have seen some troubling times through the recent past. With that said, the rivalry between the two sets of supporters remains strong. Inter seem to be on the path of recovery whilst Milan are still struggling to find their way.

Valletta vs Birkirkara fans

Hemm Huma! One of the heated rivalries in local Maltese football is that between Valletta and Birkirkara. Both teams have enjoyed local football success and are renowned for tight stand-offs.

Any other football fan rivalries you would like to mention? Let us know in the comments section below.

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