Benefits of a Free Education

Free education is something that holds great value. Not many people across the world can relate as education can be quite costly. In Malta, everyone can get free education from primary school up to university level. 

The fact that students in Malta can get a university education without forking a single cent is a clear testament of the country’s commitment to developing professionals across the whole board, irrespective of wealth or social status. This is accompanied by the fact that students get a stipend and are allocated a budget for the purchasing of books and other student supplies which may be required.

Those who apply for further education such as a Master’s degree which normally comes at a hefty cost can apply for scholarships which cover the expense. When taking into account other countries, students are not financially supported and need to commit themselves to large amounts of debt to get a solid education. 

The fact that Malta offers free education underscores that people who have the potential to study should take advantage of the possibilities available at their disposal. Not doing so when such a framework is in place would be a disservice to one’s growth and development.

Although in Malta there are free educational institutions covering every scale, some parents do indeed opt to send their children to private schools. The fact that everyone can attend these free institutions may create the impression that the standards of teaching are at a lower level and that well-off families should pay to ensure the best education for their children. Not only that, but certain parents would not want to expose their children to others who could be from any social class. Many are under the impression that not only would their children benefit from a better standard of education, but they would have a better network of individuals.

The risk of free educational institutions would be that you do not have any idea of who could be in your kid’s class and whether he would disrupt the others due to certain social or behavioural issues.

What do you think about free educational institutions? Would you deem them a good fit for your children? Or would you prefer private schooling entities? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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