One common school amongst Malta’s Elite

In Malta, the place where you got your education is a big thing. Many parents strive to ensure that their children get the best education, starting from their formative years. Most would work to land their children in some of the most renowned church and private schools. There is one particular school which is associated with success and many parents would only dream of landing their children there. This is none other than the Jesuit school found in Birkirkara, St Aloysius college.

This school is renowned for having produced prime individuals, with incredible social influence. It has produced an impressive number of Prime Ministers and political leaders over the years. St Aloysius College is well renowned for its emphasis on discipline, which is key in developing students into contributing members of society.

After Independence, four out of the nine Prime Ministers went to St Aloysius College. This is coupled with the fact that the school also produced some of the most important and influential people of Maltese society. One of the statements synonymous with this very successful school is that students enter as children and leave as men.

So who are the four Prime Ministers to have studied at St Aloysius College?

These are 

Eddie Fenech Adami

Lawrence Gonzi

Joseph Muscat

and Robert Abela.

Not only them, but other key members in Malta’s political landscape such as 

Chris Fearne

and Chris Cardona studied there.

The school also hosted past Presidents such as 

Anthony Mamo

 Anthony Buttigieg

Vincent Tabone

Guido de Marco

 and Eddie Fenech Adami.

The recent leaders of the Opposition, 

Adrian Delia

and Simon Busuttil also attended St Aloysius College,

together with other prominent Members of Parliament such as 

Beppe Fenech Adami

Robert Arrigo

Mario de Marco

and Francis Zammit Dimech.

There are other figures associated with politics who shared a classroom in St Aloysius with former Primer Minister Joseph Muscat, such as 

Edward Zammit Lewis

Dr Edward Zammit Lewis

and Franco Debono.

Guess who also studied at St Aloysius College?

The controversial journalist who was brutally assassinated, Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

She is well-renowned for her political reporting and the stories she would uncover, implicating prominent people within the Maltese society.

Other prominent figures within Maltese society who studied at St Aloysius College include 

Ira Losco 

and Davide Tucci.

St Aloysius College has established a permanent footprint for developing stalwarts. With that said, is this because of their refined teaching methods? Or is it because they only accept top students to join their school? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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