Why you should Create an Instagram Account

Social media took the world by storm. People are constantly hooked onto it. One social media platform which is enjoying increasing popularity is Instagram. It is rivalling the popularity of Facebook and many will argue that it is becoming the preferred platform. Considering that people are spending more time on this platform, it would make sense to think about opening an account if you don’t have one already. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why you should have an Instagram account.


When comparing Instagram to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you will find that it is much easier. With all the new updates, Facebook seems to be getting more complicated as time goes by. When it comes to Twitter, some people are not sure where to use hashtags or the @ symbol. With Instagram, it is quite easy as practically anyone can upload an image and add text. Making updates is super simple!

Image based

Considering that Instagram is very image-based, it looks much more attractive than other social media platforms. Other platforms have a lot of text which makes them less aesthetically appealing. On Instagram, you get to view different places, locations, sites and people. It tends to remind us about travel and our next holiday. From a user experience point of view, Instagram is simply sublime.


The hashtags navigation works great on Instagram. Tapping on hashtag lands you onto an entire stream of pictures. Finding hashtags on Twitter is hard and the same practice applies for Facebook. Instagram enables you to find hashtags and scroll through images. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

Communication is easy

You can communicate by tagging people, replying to them and sending direct messages. 

Increased popularity

Instagram’s popularity continues to grow. All social media platforms are increasing when it comes to users, however Instagram leads with the highest percentage. Seems like you really have no choice. 

Do you have an Instagram profile? Don’t be left behind. Open an account today.

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