Taking Care of your Skin as you Age

Old age is inevitable. The decay of organs is hidden, and one would not notice unless he is plagued by some form of ailment or illness. From an aesthetic point of view, the wear and tear of skin becomes very evident as one goes into middle age. In reality, the skin is one of the earliest to indicate that the body is aging.

Although skin ageing is indeed inevitable, in this article we will discuss some tips to reduce the appearance and impact of facial decay. So what do we do?

Decrease oxidative stress

The main reason for skin ageing is oxidative stress which is brought about mainly by lifestyle factors. You can increase oxidative stress in a number of ways such as via extended exposure to the sun on a daily basis, smoking and pollution. When staying in the sun, make sure to apply sun cream and avoid direct exposure. Also avoid tanning beds and sun lamps which may expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet rays. 

Quit smoking to save your skin. Apart from the more serious consequences, smokers will have earlier skin ageing, sagging skin, wound healing delays and skin staining. Also, as much as possible avoid exposure to pollution. Seeking to spend some time in natural habitats may be ideal for your skin!

Proper diet

Certain food types will enable better skin health. Such foods include red bell peppers, blueberries, spinach, broccoli, nuts, avocado, sweet potatoes, seeds, pineapples, lemon, watermelons, oranges, mushrooms, carrots, beans and green tea. Obviously there is no food type which will effectively restore damaged skin. Food can only help so much with the prevention of skin ageing. 

Skincare regime

You will notice skin ageing if you do not take care of it. So how do you take care of the skin? You will need to adopt cleansing routines, using products which are compatible with your skin. Consistency is key and you may likely need to use these products daily to reap the desired results.

Blood circulation

When circulation is poor, it means that the skin can become less hydrated, duller and thus more exposed to premature ageing. The best way to promote blood flow that positively impacts the skin is through regular cardiovascular exercise. Also, make sure to keep yourself hydrated through plenty of liquids.

Your skin is a critical component of your appearance. Take good care of it!

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