Does LinkedIn Really Work in Malta?

Does LinkedIn Really Work in Malta?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals. It is different from the usual social media such as Facebook and Instagram, which are normally used for entertainment and relaxation. LinkedIn is used to explore business opportunities and getting up to speed with what your connections are up to. It is also a platform where you can learn new things as business related content is constantly being shared.

So why would you create a LinkedIn profile?

Your own CV, easily accessible

A LinkedIn profile can be easily perceived as a CV in its own right. Rather than having applications with multiple pages sent to a prospective employer, a LinkedIn profile can allow you to communicate your experiences and competencies concisely. This is much better than the traditional CV, as a LinkedIn profile captures a brief snapshot, which would quite immediately indicate whether a candidate may be considered for a role.

Career opportunities

Considering that LinkedIn is the professional network, you can bet that there will be several opportunities showcased which would not be found elsewhere. Certain vacancies are published solely on LinkedIn, so not having a profile on this platform will indeed limit your opportunities. Recruiters and head hunters are also quite often logged in this platform in a bid to entice potential candidates to fill in new roles. Based on your profile, LinkedIn will also expose you to the types of jobs which you may be interested in and that fit your profile. This makes the platform all the more relevant for people who may consider a different role or to simply check out what is available in the job market.


LinkedIn allows you to communicate via private messaging with your connections. This can be done for different reasons. You may be interested in a possible job opportunity and would like some further information perhaps. Another reason for such messaging would be to build connections and share relevant insights.


LinkedIn also provides important information to profile holders. Such information may include who visited his or her profile, the amount of applications that a job posting has received, how the particular skills of the candidate match with the job role and other interesting information. LinkedIn also offers the Premium feature, where for a small monthly subscription, people will acquire more data, such as how they compare with the candidates that have already applied for a particular job role.

Create engaging content

LinkedIn allows you the opportunity to publish content at no cost. One interesting way to create content is via an article format. The feature also allows you to view how many people accessed your published article.

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? No? Best start creating one.

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