Chicken Nuggets are a Killer

Chicken nuggets are one of the most favourite snacks, especially amongst younger children. If you are of an older age, you may look at chicken nuggets fondly, creating a sense of nostalgia as you are reminded of your formative years. They would still be an enticing option following a night of drinks or if you simply want a quick snack. Whilst they may as well be the sinful snack you would crave at that moment in time, what about the health implications? Can chicken nuggets cause serious health problems which you may be unaware of or simply choose to ignore?

Research by scientists indicates that consuming ultra-processed foods increases the chances of heart disease and by extension early death. Such ultra-processed foods are concocted in a way to contain a lot of sugar, salt and fat. Chicken nuggets are not the only culprits in containing such additives. Together with the deadly nuggets, there are also burgers, ice cream, noodles and other ready-made meals which are detrimental to one’s health.

The study was conducted by scientists in both France and Brazil. It consisted of more than a hundred and five thousand French adults. The consumption of ultra-processed foods was correlated to higher risks of cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart diseases and cerebrovascular diseases. These were linked to negative impacts on the blood supply to both the heart and brain.

In this respect, those who consume minimally processed foods had lower risks of such diseases. In order to live longer and healthier, a diet containing less processed foods is ideal. A Mediterranean diet containing wholesome food is therefore of increased importance for your health.

So what can be done to decrease the consumption of such foods across the whole board? Some would suggest certain restrictions and price increases through taxation and promotional hinderance. This should be followed by the promotion of fresh and minimally processed foods, something which should be pushed by higher authorities.

Although the consumption of healthier foods is ideal, it is not enough. Such a diet needs to be accompanied by healthy lifestyle patterns like regular exercise, no smoking and minimal intake of alcohol. This is indeed all the more difficult considering that living life on the go can make it hard to develop these healthy routines, especially when time efficient options do not correspond well with nutrition.

Any views on the above? Will you be trimming down on the processed foods? Let us know in the comments section below.

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