6 Signs which show that you are failing as a parent

Everyone makes mistakes. As much as we expect out of parents, the reality is that they make mistakes as well. Some elements of toxic parenting may creep out from anyone and in this article, we will discuss some signs which show that you may be failing as a parent.

Bad communication

Communication may indeed be difficult at times, however, it is the foundation for any parent-child relationship. Communication becomes all the more complicated when children grow up and form opinions of their own, which may clash to those of their parents. One sign which shows that you are failing in your role as a parent is that you do not listen to your kids and talk over them or interrupt. If you notice that this is a common trend in your parenting behaviour, you should make more effort to remain silent and listen.


Day to day chores can indeed become stressful. When things do not go as well as we expect, we may end up in a negative rut. This may influence the way parents interact and react with their children. In this respect, parents can become less empathetic towards the concerns of their children, since they are already overwhelmed with their own feelings. This may lead to parents taking out their personal frustrations on their kids which can only deteriorate the relationship.

Criticism at their friends

All kids make friends and would want to bring them over. Toxic parents may find issues with their kids’ friends, pointing out problems and defects. Kids will not take too kindly to this, as any criticism aimed at their friends is taken personally.


Parents who may be disappointed with their kids can label them. They may label their kids as disorganised, inattentive, uncommitted and a number of other adjectives which can potentially damage their self-esteem. This can have lasting effects on kid psychology as children would start to associate themselves with these negative traits.


Another trait of bad parenting is when kids are compared to others. Kids who are constantly portrayed in a negative light will feel inferior and saddened because they could never please their parents. This can have severe repercussions even as they become adults.

The “always/never” terms

Kids will not be willing to change their ways if they are constantly reprimanded and attacked with terms such as “you always” or “you never”. Children will appreciate being guided accordingly to make changes in a pace which benefits them.

Your relationship with your children is crucial. Manage it well and avoid toxic behaviour.

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