4 Things you need to achieve before you are 30

Today’s lifestyle is very fast paced. The earlier you tackle certain commitments and projects, the less stressful life will be as you grow older. In this article, we will discuss some goals that you should achieve by the time you are thirty, so that life can be just a tad less stressful as you grow up.

Invest in yourself

Out of all the goals we discuss in this article, this is the most important. Investing in yourself before you are thirty will help you to build a solid foundation for the future. Gain good experiences and if you want to achieve some qualifications, your twenties are the ideal time to do so. The qualifications achieved will influence your career and job prospects for the years to come. 

During this stage of your life, you are likely to have less commitments so it would be the right time to invest in yourself. You may also choose to enjoy certain experiences such as travelling and enjoying the things you are passionate about.

Money saving skills

Many learn these skills later than they would like and find out that they should have saved money earlier. Learning how to save money, together with having a healthy amount saved for when the expenses come your way, will be immensely beneficial. It is very easy to be lured in the trap of not saving money in your twenties, because you would feel that certain expenses are a long way ahead. You should also browse a bit around to see where you can make some good interest for the money you save.


It is never too early to start investing. Start seeking options where you can invest your savings to make better returns. Familiarise yourself with stocks and test the waters. You may also choose to invest in property. It is never too early! Whether you would like to invest in a potential home or a buy to let property, it is still something worthwhile to evaluate, especially when considering that income from rent yields to one of the best returns on investment.

Manage unnecessary debt

As you grow, you may identify certain debts which are unnecessary. Such can include credit card debt which accumulated due to a lavish lifestyle or else because of the purchase of unnecessary items. Tackling these debts before your thirties would be most ideal, so that you can focus your attention on other priorities.

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