Not all Doom and Gloom for the Environment

In the past year, we have heard several reports highlighting that the environment should be given higher priority. One of the complaints made in recent times was that trees were being cut down and in a country where the population and traffic are constantly increasing, trees need to be planted and not removed. People also complained about the constantly declining air quality, which underlined the importance of investing time and resources in the planting of trees.

Following controversy when a set number of trees were set to face the axe due to the Central Link project, Infrastructure Malta recently announced that almost nine thousand trees were planted in eighteen localities last year. 

It is stated that this initiative is part of an investment which exceeds one million Euros, which caters for their care and watering in the upcoming years. Infrastructure Malta also indicates that it is working to extend this programme and increase the planting of trees in other areas within Malta. It seems that extensive work took place in the final quarter of 2019.

Initially, the project was aimed to plant six thousand and seven hundred new trees, however two thousand more were added following response by local councils and other organisations. Trees were planted in the Bahar ic-Caghaq area of Naxxar and in the San Gwann t’Ghuxa area of Cospicua between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.   

Different species of trees were planted including tamarisk, olives, cypress, European dwarf palms, lentisk, holm oaks, Aleppo pines, myrtle, sandarac gum trees and carobs. Infrastructure Malta has made a commitment that any trees which are damaged or do not develop will be replaced. Such initiatives are indeed welcome and we do look forward for similar ones in 2020.

Such efforts undoubtedly contribute to a healthier environment and better air quality. Infrastructure Malta encourages organisations to make their proposals on where new trees may be planted.

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