The Poor have Dangerous Expenses

Poverty has become a very topical subject in recent times, especially within the context of Malta. Although the term is thrown around lightly, very few can define what actual poverty is. The reason for this is because the perception of poverty differs for each individual. Some people who may not be able to afford certain expensive items or would need to wait may classify themselves as poor. Although this is an exaggeration, there are many people who reason it out this way. For the purpose of this discussion, let us simply classify poverty as the inability to afford basic necessities.

People who are poor can be faced with certain expenses, which go beyond the financial aspect. Poor people are naturally forced to consume food which is detrimental for their health because it is cheaper. This, in turn, leads to poor health, which can lead to several medical expenses and fewer opportunities for better income. Such poor consumption patterns include buying food by portions instead of weight in a bid to just survive. 

Those who are poor get caught up in certain vices and addictions which are expensive as a means of escapism. Such an example would include smoking. People who are poor tend to smoke more often to get a few minutes of relief from the continued stress that they endure on a daily basis.

Poor people would also tend to turn to excessive gambling. Insufficient income tends to bring about desperate hopes and poor people would tend to gamble beyond their means in a bid to change their life situations. They are more susceptible to gambling advertising and would dream that something such as a lottery would change the course of their miseries. The lack of change would then create more frustration and further gambling addiction. The reason for this is because the chances of winning the lottery are very minimal, so for many it would be money wasted. People with such habits are more likely to find themselves prey in complicated webs with loan sharks and also credit card debts. The money which would then need to be repaid would be substantial.

Those who end up making deals with shady individuals will eventually regret doing so and will end up paying hefty returns, which would make it a very expensive endeavour. Not only from a financial point of view because people who deal with such individuals may end up being threatened.

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