Politically Associated Crimes in Malta

Crimes which are associated with politics maintain their relevance and even as time progresses, are still mentioned to this very day. In this article, we will discuss some of the crimes which were associated with politics.

Karin Grech

The 28th December 2019 marked forty-two years since the passing away of Karin Grech, a fifteen-year-old girl who was killed by a letter bomb, which was addressed to her father. Karin Grech was the daughter of Professor and Doctor Edwin Grech who was the Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at St Luke’s Hospital during the time when doctors were out on strike. At the time, doctors in Malta were taking industrial action against the Labour administration and the Medical Association of Malta. 

Unfortunately, forty-two years later, Karin Grech’s murder case still remains unsolved as the perpetrators are still unknown. In the year 2010, the Civil Court presided by Judge Raymond Pace ordered the Government to pay the Grech Family the amount of € 419,000 by way of compensation stating that this crime came upon the Grech family as a consequence of the services that Professor Grech offered to the Maltese Government, at the time when Malta was suffering from political turmoil. 

Daphne Caruana Galizia

The latest and most recent politically associated crime was that of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was assassinated close to her Bidnija home on the 16th October 2017, when a bomb was detonated inside her vehicle. 

Ms. Caruana Galizia served as a news reporter for The Sunday Times of Malta, later as a columnist for the Malta Independent and was the founding editor of Taste and Flair magazine which was distributed monthly with the Malta Independent on Sunday. As she evolved in her career as a journalist, she launched her own blog in 2008 called ‘Running Commentary’. 

In her blog, Daphne focused on investigative reporting and was renowned for revealing controversial and sensitive information on corruption and money laundering allegations by a number of politically exposed persons and was also known for her articles on the Panama Papers Scandal.

Since her assassination, various local and international media hubs have been observing the investigations. Furthermore, recent developments in the case have brought forth political instability in the country, leading to the resignations of some of the highest public officials of the Maltese Government including that of the Prime Minister himself. Public protests are still ongoing to this day.  

Raymond Caruana

One other brutal murder which is known to have been a politically associated crime was that of Maltese political activist Raymond Caruana.  He was killed on the 5th December 1986 outside the Nationalist party club in Gudja when a car driving by fired several gunshots. One bullet fatally hit Caruana in the throat, causing his death. 

Unfortunately, the perpetrators behind this heinous crime are still unidentified and therefore the case remains unsolved. 

Shooting incident in Gzira involving Minister Manuel Mallia’s driver

Another noteworthy incident occurred in 2014, involving Minister Manuel Mallia’s driver, police officer Paul Sheehan and a Briton, Mr. Steve Morrison Smith. The incident was thought to have occurred when a collision between the Briton’s car and the ministerial vehicle took place. A chase ensued and culminated in a shooting spree by the then Minister’s driver. The case was reported all over the media, due to the serious implications which would have ensued if someone was hit by the gunshots. Following all the opposition and media scrutiny, Manuel Mallia was forced to resign.

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