Mixing Business and Pleasure

In a world where we are constantly connected, the lines between business and pleasure tend to get very blurred in certain instances. Although some may be tempted to mix the two so as not to appear anti-social, there may be several implications depending on the context. In this article, we will discuss some of the different contexts where business and pleasure may be intertwined.

Work and alcohol

Due to longer working hours, some companies may allow for the consumption of alcohol after five, during certain days. This may be done by organising small receptions for all employees to enjoy after work. Whilst this has become an all the more popular trend, there may be some problems. Some people might take it a bit too far and end up drinking more than they should. In turn, this may lead to inappropriate behaviour such as arguments with co-workers. This could make things very awkward especially the next day once the alcohol effects would have subsided.

Work and romance

Some companies adopt policies which prohibit employee relationships out of the workplace. With that said, no one really can stop two people from dating each other. Dating someone you work with can lead to a variety of different conclusions. There will be those who won’t let the relationship impact them at the place of work and can manage it appropriately. On the other hand, things may turn sour especially if the relationship ends. The issue becomes more complicated if there are hard feelings and the colleagues work within the same unit or department. In such complicated scenarios, people may be transferred from their departments or forced to resign.

Social networking 

People constantly use social media. With easy access to such online channels via phones and other devices, people may well use them to discuss work-related matters. This may easily lead to revealing sensitive company information via a written medium. If somebody says anything via chat, it is documented via written record, so there is no way that one can deny having divulged any information. This is especially the case if one is reported to the company by the recipient. With that said, it may be very difficult to avoid completely mentioning work-related things via Facebook chat so might as well be careful regarding which information you would choose to share.

Combining business and pleasure may be tricky. The only safe place you can combine the two is right here!

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