Mentality Changes in Malta

Malta has for quite a number of years been perceived as a conservative community. A small society which subscribes to Catholicism and perhaps some antiquated beliefs and traditions. In recent years we have seen radical changes in mentality which have been brought about by different factors. For one, Malta has been exposed to a number of foreigners who have come to Malta for a better career, ever since its accession to the European Union. New perceptions could be interacted with and this undoubtedly left its influence.

Civil unions

For a long time in Malta, the traditional family setting consisting of husband, wife and children was the only acceptable model. Anything beyond such a family set-up was deemed to be deviant and against the norm. Today we now have grown accustomed to civil unions, where both spouses of the same sex may be united to start a family of their own.


This was also met with a certain degree of controversy back when we had the run-up to the referendum. Many were against the idea that people should get divorced, arguing that it goes against the church’s values and morality. Arguments were also made in favour of children who would be put in a vulnerable position once their parents divorced. Others stated that the permanence of marriage would be affected, highlighting that people will know that they have an escape route should things not work out.

Body art

In the past, tattoos were a stigma. There was a time when a person would be looked at negatively and compared to a criminal if he had tattoos. People were denied job opportunities and social exclusion instances were common as well. In today’s more progressive society, people with tattoos are found in every corner of society, irrespective of income, class or social status.

Female empowerment

Not too long ago, a woman’s role was to solely manage the house and tend to the husband and children. The mentality in this respect has changed and more women have now joined the workforce, contributing to the economy and their families, whilst fulfilling their potential. This definitely shifts the scales into better balance, allowing women to have a stronger say in the relationship.


Not all progressive changes may be perceived as good or morally sound and many will argue that this is the case when it comes to abortion. This notion has been heavily criticised in the past and still is till this very day.  With that said, more people are willing to discuss this concept and is less of a taboo subject than it used to be.

These are just some examples of the changes in mentality that are evident within the Maltese society. Any more to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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