Your Ego WILL Destroy You

We have all heard the term “ego”. The term is associated with negative connotations, where anyone who holds traits related to a large ego may be perceived negatively. Having such an ego would normally be associated with an inflated sense of self, where you deem what you do, together with your opinions as infallible, and that practically everyone else is wrong. We all have met such people, and encounters with them are not usually pleasurable. 

Having a large ego can create several problems which may impact you negatively. In certain cases, a large ego will destroy everything you hold dear. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways how and where ego can destroy your life.


It would not be an exaggeration to state that practically all people hold their family very dearly. Whilst a large ego may be tolerated for a few years, it can destroy relationships with your family members. This is especially the case if one would believe that he is entitled to some special treatment, for no particular reason. Relationships between parents, children and siblings are destroyed with ego being the main reason for this.


A big ego is a definite killer for healthy relationships. When one believes that he is the sole important component within a relationship, problems are bound to follow. Many would find it difficult living with someone who deems himself as the be-all and end-all. Such people would end up living on their own as their partners would not stick their attitude and separate or divorce. In a healthy relationship, there is simply no place for a large ego or narcissism as the other partner would suffer greatly.


A big ego can be problematic even in one’s career. The workplace would require constant liaison and communication with other team members. Someone with a big ego is not likely to make many friends in the workplace and people will turn against him or her eventually. This is more so the case if his or her ego is just based on self-inflation with no particular skills and competencies to back it up.|( Well, even if there were! ) Such people do not normally last long in a workplace and would end up either getting fired or resign due to the fact that people would not be able to stand them any longer.

Although a good level of confidence is indeed important to get through life, there is a fine line between believing in yourself and a big ego.

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