Places to Visit if you want to Enjoy a White Christmas

Christmas worldwide, is a time of family celebrations and large get-togethers. This is no exception in Malta. Year on year, more people are choosing to enjoy Christmas away from the island. 

The weather in Malta is normally quite moderate therefore it rarely gets cold, so a Christmas in the snow can be very appealing for many Maltese people. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the best places to celebrate a white Christmas. 

St.Moritz, Switzerland

Many of you may have never heard of this magical destination! St.Moritz is a high Alpine resort town situated in the southern-eastern part of Switzerland. This lavish town is renowned as being the playground for the rich and famous. This town hosts a total of nine five-star hotels. In fact, during the Christmas period prices would be expected to double. During one’s stay in this holiday resort, there are plenty of activities to engage in such as skiing and snowboarding, amongst many others. 

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a very popular destination during the Christmas season. From the 15th November to the 26th December, Vienna’s squares transform into magical Christmas markets. At the Christmas markets one can find unique handcrafted items, decorations, and several culinary delights. One of the most popular markets in Vienna is the Alf Wiener Weihnachtsmarkt at Freyung. In this market, one can find beautiful ceramics, wooden toys, candles and Christmas decorations. 

Vienna is also popular for its Christmas themed concerts. Various churches hold advent concerts and choral recitals. Some of the most popular places where concerts are held are in the St. Stephen’s Cathedral which is situated in the heart of the city. The annual highlight of the season is the Vienna Boys Choir where a concert is held daily between the 10th and the 14th December. 

Over the Christmas period, there would be ice rinks set up across the city including in the gardens of the Wilhelminenberg Palace. The largest ice rink in Vienna measures six thousand square meters. This is set between the Vienna Konzerthaus and the InterContinental Hotel. Anyone can hire ice skates for a few euro and opt to take part in a lesson. 

Bled, Slovenia

The town of Bled in Slovenia is everything you could ever want for a cosy Christmas vacation. Similar to Vienna, Bled is popular for its Christmas markets. Markets in Bled usually open during the end of November and run daily up till the first week of January. Apart from the traditional Christmas market activities, like eating delicious Slovenian local treats, sipping wine and shopping for gifts, there will be quite a number of special events taking place like baking and wine tasting demonstrations and the presentation of the famous Christmas Slovenian tradition of the Legend of the Sunken Bell. This is organised every year on the 25th December in Lake Bled, where people witness the sinking of a luminous bell in pitch darkness.  

Are you ready to plan your very own white Christmas? 

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