Home Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety is terrible. It can impact your personal life, career and relationships. Due to hectic lifestyles and high expectations, many people suffer from anxiety. Whilst there is no guarantee that any process or medicine can cure anxiety, we will be sharing some home-made remedies to relieve the symptoms.  


The compounds found within this particular beverage may help to relieve anxiety symptoms. This is underlined by a study in the journal of Phytomedicine, which was published in 2016. 

Eat tuna

Evidence suggests that omega-3 fatty acids can help combat anxiety. Eating canned tuna is a way to benefit from omega-3 fatty acids. Together with tuna, you may also opt for salmon and walnuts.


Lavender is one of the natural remedies to help with anxiety. You can put a bit of lavender oil in your pillow or in the bath tub, or else just pour a few drops in some boiling water and inhale. This can relax your senses, making you snap out of the anxiety in your system.


Feeling anxious? Head outside to your balcony, garden or porch and enjoy some sunlight. If you actually have something nice to look at, the better. That way you can ease your mind from stress and tension.


Engaging in physical exercise is one of the best ways to combat anxiety. Physical activity releases endorphins which are powerful positive stimulants for the brain. If you do not have the time or energy for an extensive work-out, go for a walk and de-stress. Such an activity can allow you to sleep better and diminish stress. In turn, this allows you to improve your cognitive function and achieve better sleep.

Hot bath

A hot bath is an ideal way to relieve yourself following a day of stress. If you feel anxious, just fill in the bath with some soap and spend a good half hour to get yourself emotionally settled.

Eat good food

A healthy diet is an important way to reduce anxiety attacks. In a nutshell, your brain will respond to what you eat. This will undoubtedly impact your mood. Avoid sugary and processed foods and replace them with healthy alternatives.  Such examples would be blueberries and peaches. Other foods include avocados, eggs and milk.

These minor tips can help you go a long way in managing anxiety. Do you have any further tips to combat anxiety to share with us?

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