Christmas Cheer

It is that time of year again! The Christmas period is definitely one of the most exciting seasons of the year. It is that time of year where many opt to take a well-deserved rest following a hectic year. Many people enjoy Christmas and it is a time that they look forward to. In this article, we will discuss some of the things which bring about the Christmas cheer and will make you look forward to the festivities.

Christmas songs 

The first signs of Christmas slowly approaching are the songs and carols you hear on the radio as you are driving. The phrases “All I want for Christmas” and “Last Christmas I gave you my heart” are synonymous with the cheer of this festive season. 

Christmas ads

As November starts, you immediately get into the stride of listening to the different ads. Whether it is on the television, radio or the internet, we are normally bombarded with different ads enticing us to buy the latest presents needed for friends and relatives.

Christmas shopping

During the festive season, many would take the opportunity to buy presents for their loved ones and also, why not, spoil themselves. It is quite common to see many shops and retail outlets packed with people shopping. This is also the norm with people who have younger children and would thus expect presents during the festive season.

Christmas lunch

It is customary that most hosts would organise Christmas lunches for the extended family. This serves as an opportunity for family members to meet each other, following perhaps an extended amount of time of not seeing each other.

Christmas parties

Something also quite common is being invited to an endless list of parties. Many individuals and companies would normally set up dates for parties, inviting friends and acquaintances for nights of entertainment, with plenty of food and drink.

Midnight mass

Those who are of Christian background are likely to be familiar with midnight mass. This would entail the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Christmas eve breakfast

One other related tradition many would look forward to is Christmas eve breakfast. Many restaurants and catering establishments would allow for bookings, after midnight for people to indulge in a fully-fledged breakfast. Normally, choices on the menu would include the much enjoyed English breakfast. Delightful as it may be, eating a breakfast buffet in the late hours of the evening/early hours of the morning is not something you can do everyday. So enjoy it!

What else are you looking forward to this Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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