5 Signs your Relationship is heading to an End

Many people wonder whether they are with the right spouse or partner. Relationships will face tests which may either strengthen or destroy them. In this article, we will discuss some of the things which indicate that a relationship is at an end.


This can be referred to as a parasite which grows rapidly and destroys relationships. It starts off very subtle, with minor comments normally referring to some shortcomings by the other partner, such as a failure to clean up. If left unmanaged, this can extend to negative judgements where one partner may be labelled as selfish and lazy. One has to understand that this is a gradual process which slowly eats away the strength of the relationship. Again, when not handled effectively, this extends into more serious arguments which may lead to a loss in love and interest.

Never admitting fault

Saying and admitting that you are wrong is not easy. In a healthy relationship, this is inevitable. Sometimes, pride gets in the way and it becomes problematic during heated debates and arguments. In this respect, it is important to find a middle road, especially in small and petty things. Maturity also entails that sensitive arguments are handled at the right time, without the raising of voices and unnecessary adjectives, which may hurt.

Disagreement about having children

A relationship where disagreement exists regarding whether the couple should have kids or not is a deal-breaker. Although most couples would discuss the prospects of having children before they get married, perceptions and feelings may change. This scenario is becoming more common. Whilst in the past it was absolutely mandatory to have kids, today, some people view children as a hindrance to their career and self-development.

Intimacy issues

One problem which could bring a relationship to its knees is a lack of intimacy and sexuality. Without this, partners may feel rejected and unloved. Research indicates that when sexual activity declines, happiness does so too. If you are in a relationship and there is less sexual activity than you would like, you should speak up about it, in a constructive manner.

Arguing about family

The family may leave its toll on any relationship. If one of the partners feels that the other hates his or her family, resentment is likely to follow. If you are going to criticise members of your partner’s family, this needs to be done attentively. Not managing this well can create unresolvable conflicts which make the relationship difficult. 

A relationship constantly requires work. To make it last, you need to manage these issues, should they arise.

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