150 Euro for a Pet is a Joke

The recent controversy of a government launched scheme is one related to the adoption of pets. In a nutshell, the government has just launched an allowance for those who adopt pets. The scheme was launched for the purpose to entice people to adopt stray animals. What might have been perceived as a good idea, backfired dramatically as people classified as animal lovers did not take too kindly to this and expressed their frustration.

With that said, there is some form of control as those who adopt a stray pet will receive the allowance six months after the adoption takes place and once all the necessary checks are in place.

Although this may be the case, the scheme was still heavily criticised, where many argued that people will be adopting pets for the wrong reasons. In turn, this may lead to an increased number of abandoned animals. Another argument is that the allowances should go towards the organisations that are saving these animals. Some also argued that this scheme abuses from the taxes paid by the everyday Joe.

Can you imagine what would happen to the animals that are adopted simply because of the allowances? Cases of people who need money desperately are very real and this may create complications leading to animal cruelty and abuse.

Many also made several proposals which make good sense. One of which was that instead of giving away a hundred and fifty Euro, is to actually organise visits to check that adopted pets are really placed in a good home.

Another potential solution would be that instead of an allowance, people would be given veterinary treatment vouchers. These would then be used for vaccines, worming, flea treatment and other conditions which may require medical attention.

One other argument is that anyone seeking to adopt a pet should do so due to love and affection, rather than monetary motivation.

So what are the conditions of the scheme?

The allowance can only be given once to an individual owner and the pet has to be adopted from a sanctuary licensed by the Veterinary Regulation Directorate. Only two pets may be eligible for this scheme for each individual residence. The people applying need to be over eighteen years of age, which is a good buffer to ensure that those adopting and taking the commitment are in adulthood. Owners would also need to report the microchip transfer within five days of the adoption date. Pets would have to be neutered. This must also be reported.

If the pet dies, this needs to be reported within twenty-four hours and the cadaver must not be abandoned until the inspection from the Animal Welfare is completed.

What are your views on all this?

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