Why do People Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Whilst we advocate a society where both males and females are equal, without promoting the dominance of one over the other, unfortunately, we still hear about cases of domestic violence. When one hears about such cases, it is very natural to think that one should immediately leave such a partner. This is normally the belief of those who never suffered domestic abuse. Most victims of domestic abuse highlight that it is much harder than one would think to leave an abusive relationship.

One of the reasons for the fact that people would not leave such a relationship is due to denial. People find it hard to accept that they are being abused even if they are bullied both verbally and physically. Considering the sensitivity of the subject, people who are abused are likely to seek solitude and avoid speaking about it, dismissing the acts of violence as minor. Victims would typically make excuses for the abuser in a bid to console themselves that things will indeed get better. In other circumstances, the victim would take the blame, insisting that it is his or her fault that their partner is acting in this violent manner.

Another reason it would be difficult to withdraw from an abusive relationship is that there was a time where there was no violence. The victim may take a passive position, hoping that things will turn for the better. This would be especially the case if things were great at the beginning of the relationship.

Domestic violence may start off rather subtly with small attempts of domination. Such may include intervening with the victim’s plans of going out, prohibiting him or her from doing so. Other examples may include disallowing time with family members. If a partner or spouse has demonstrated such behaviour with members of his or her own family, it may be a serious sign.

Chances are that the abuse will only get worse if not managed, extending to grave insults, humiliation and physical violence. This destroys the victim’s self-esteem, making it difficult to pick up the pieces.

As things get complicated, victims might find it difficult to leave. This could be due to financial dependency and threats against children or loved ones.

A person who suffers such abuse would require help and not being reprimanded for staying in the relationship. People who suffer from domestic abuse would need a shoulder to cry on and should definitely seek professional help.

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