Waving Goodbye to Malta Taghna Lkoll

“Malta Taghna Lkoll” remains one of the most popular political catch phrases ever created. It was the slogan adopted by the new-look Labour party just before it rose to power. It is associated with success and was very much adopted by many people. The slogan made reference to the fact that during the PN administration, Malta was under the control of a few who subscribed to a particular clique. Joseph Muscat’s battle cry was to win back Malta for all the Maltese to enjoy, promising a better quality of life and no tolerance for corruption.

Fast forward into Joseph Muscat’s second legislature and one of the main controversies is a large number of foreigners coming to Malta. A lot is said about our infrastructural limitations and how we need to be careful with the amount of people coming in. Many Maltese nationals have complained about this issue and the foreigners coming in who are associated with increasing the cost of living, together with property acquisition and rental prices. When considering all the dissatisfaction being expressed by many locals, is Malta really “Taghna Lkoll”? Do the Maltese people really feel that they have ownership over their country?

With the way things are developing, it does not appear that this sentiment will go anywhere anytime soon, considering that the Government endorses the approach of bringing in more foreigners to boost the local economy. Considering that local industries continue to flourish, more foreigners and expatriates will see Malta’s attractiveness and would be enticed to come. 

The problem of illegal immigration continues to be one of the main points on the agenda as many expresses that the safety of the Maltese locals is compromised. These arguments echo further in the wake of recent acts of violence at the detention centre.

The Government has also been accused of bringing in a number of questionable foreigners via the passport scheme. Although economically it has brought about various benefits, many have complained that some of the people acquiring the Maltese passport have a criminal history. This creates a sense of scepticism that the country is no longer safe as it used to be as it slips into the hands of foreigners.

Do you think that Malta is slowly being lost? If so, what can be done to remedy the situation? Let us know your views and opinions in the comments section below.

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