The Potential of a Far-Right Party in Malta

Malta’s political context is quite unique. For a good number of years, we were accustomed to having two main political parties who shared the spoils in the general elections. Other parties contest the general and MEP elections, however, they have a small influence and never made even one seat in Parliament, let alone run the country. In the past years however, we have now seen a shift, where the Labour party has surpassed the Nationalists significantly, making Malta a one-party state, figuratively speaking.

Considering that the Labour party has no competition whatsoever, many state that a new political party needs to be established, especially now that the Nationalists are in tatters. One potential political party which may gain immediate popularity would be a fully-fledged Far-Right one. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why.

Far-Right ideology growing in popularity

Many have voiced their opinions which seem to subscribe significantly with a Far-Right ideology. Arguments in favour of nationalism and identity preservation are steadily increasing. The existing Far-Right party headed by the controversial politician Norman Lowell continues to register progress as can be seen by the growing number of voters in each passing MEP election. 

This is underlined by the fact that other speakers from the community are advocating Far-Right principles, the latest being a catholic priest who is speaking firmly against the economy which relies on bringing in several foreigners, who compete with the Maltese for jobs, who bring to the table lesser expense due to lower salary demands.

Far-Right growing internationally

The Far-Right movement is growing across several European countries. One of the latest examples is the political ideology brought about by Matteo Salvini. It can be noted that many local Maltese individuals express their agreement with Salvini, via social media channels such as Facebook.

Controversies and acts of violence

Controversies brought about by foreigners are always frowned upon. When you read on the news that a foreigner has committed acts of criminality, you will immediately notice a stream of comments highlighting that Malta has become dominated by ‘outsiders’. The recent controversial acts of violence by illegal immigrants at the detention centre have brought about several comments from many locals arguing that something needs to be done. Many seem to subscribe to an ideology which favours the Far-Right in this respect.


Locals may be inclined to vote for a Far-Right party due to insecurity that foreigners will take over the country, including jobs and certain freedoms which used to be enjoyed in the past. The insecurity may also stem from a fear of competition since the Maltese are now competing with high earning foreigners which have contributed to an increased cost of living.

What is your view on the potential of a Far-Right party? Would you see it as a strong replacement for the current Nationalist party?

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