The Horrors of Human Trafficking

In such an advanced world where people are more literate, educated and connected, it is difficult to believe that the barbaric acts of human trafficking still exist. Human trafficking is organised and executed by groups of people who would normally be well-off, making quite a good amount of money from the suffering of others.

Human trafficking is a billion-dollar industry which is growing rapidly and more people are becoming oppressed. Millions of people around the world are being forced to participate in human trafficking, either by performing labour or commercial sex acts. 

Many of the stories of survivors remain unheard, so we are naturally put in a position to believe that it is less serious than it really is. Human trafficking takes place in different parts of the world, including in countries run by dictators and democratic ones. At some point, victims are exploited by someone they trust and are subjected to heinous acts and torture. In this article, we will discuss some stories which are indeed shocking.

Girl in Cambodia sold for sex

After accumulating significant debt with a loan shark, a mother had to sell her twelve-year-old daughter for sex. The mother secured a “certificate of virginity” from a doctor and her daughter was raped in a hotel for two days. After this horrible ordeal, she was sold to brothels on different occasions, having managed to escape to a safe house. Cambodia holds a significant number of trafficking victims and there is nothing really concrete to show that the country is doing much to stop this.

Abused American teen

Although it seems surreal, human trafficking also takes place in the United States. A teen named Tessa was sexually abused by her father at the age of seven. Her mother had drug problems of her own and could not interfere. When she was in high-school, she met a guy called Jared, who was secretly a pimp. He treated her well with gifts and dates and would remind her regularly that no one could love her because of her past. He eventually coerced her to prostitute herself and mistreated her if she did not reach the necessary quota. Whilst keeping all the money she made for himself, he made her tattoo his name over her neck.

Peru gold trade exploitation

A young sixteen year old called Oscar was quite pleased when his cousin asked him to work in the mines in Madre de Dios where he would be rewarded with gold. He discovered that his own relative had sold him and that he had to work for ninety days, moving wheelbarrows filled with rocks and sand. Illegal gold mining in Peru generates billions per year and competes well with the drug trade. Poor Oscar caught malaria and was on the brink of death. He remained alive due to the other slaves, because they shared meagre rations with him. After fulfilling his “dues” he was given an amount of gold which was only valued just above a hundred dollars. The torment lasted for almost a year.

What can be done to annihilate human trafficking?

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