How relevant is the Kana Course?

Couples today that opt to get married with the blessing of the church need to enrol for the Kana course. This programme consists of a number of sessions aimed at educating the couple to approach marriage in the appropriate way. The course is split into ten sessions and is delivered by leaders once a week.

Getting to know one another

The first session focuses on how important it is that both parties within the couple know each other well. Reference is also made to the family history of both partners and parental backgrounds. This helps to shed light on some beliefs and influences, considering that what one was accustomed to in his earlier years may impact his or her future relationships.

Effective communication

One of the cornerstones of a strong relationship is effective communication. It is emphasised that a relationship cannot work out without assertive communication and listening skills. Giving feedback constructively is also of utmost importance. 


Each relationship faces its own tests and no couple is exempt from conflict. The course aims to illustrate how conflict can be resolved effectively, together with some tips on how to avoid escalation.


Marriage entails no small amount of commitment. Love on its own is not enough to ensure that a marriage lasts forever. Commitment refers to the continued effort that the couple needs to constantly apply in the nurturing of the relationship, for a happier and more sustainable marriage.


One cannot discuss the mechanism of a functional relationship and exclude intimacy and sexuality. The course makes it clear that the sexual aspect is an intricate part of the relationship and is an expression of love and willingness to have children.

Responsible parenting

One of the objectives of a catholic marriage is child upbringing, hence the need for responsible parenting. The course emphasises that children should be brought up being exposed to catholic values. Parents are also responsible to ensure that their children are provided with the right environment to be exposed to such values. This may require parents to allocate less time for their careers and invest more in the upbringing of their children.

The sacrament of marriage

In this session, the entire process of getting married is explained. This refers to what happens exactly during the church and ceremony as one is tying the knot.

Financial sustainability

This session revolves around the importance of taking financially sound decisions. This includes how to manage household finances, how to spend money wisely and what are the financial commitments one should take.

Everyday life

This session focuses on how a couple can integrate the teachings of the church in everyday life. Emphasis is made on going to church on a regular basis. Each part of the church ritual is then compared to different phases of the relationship.

Session with parents

For the final session, a church ceremony is held where the parents of the different couples are invited. This is referred to as a precious moment where parents and their children are gathered together at church in anticipation of the wedding ceremony.

The course aims to prepare couples and shed a good light on married life. Did you attend the Kana course? How valuable do you think it is?

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