Combatting Asthma

Suffering from asthma can be quite overwhelming. The symptoms include coughing, wheezing and overall difficulty in breathing. It is important to understand the triggers as these can make the symptoms feel worse. There is no cure for asthma, therefore the only way you can combat it is by prevention and control. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to prevent asthma.

Identify triggers

There are several triggers which may bring about asthma. Such may include air pollution, allergies, cold air, flu virus, sinusitis, smoke and certain fragrances. In order to control, you will need to record and keep track of your asthma symptoms in a diary. It would help if you can note in detail the environmental setting which seems to trigger the symptoms. This would be of use, especially if you suffer an attack and want to identify any triggers you may not be aware of. Certain triggers such as cockroaches, exercise and cold air might not be too obvious. 

Avoid allergens

It is of paramount importance to steer away from allergens. Exposure to these can bring about airway inflammation, increasing the chances of an attack.

Steer away of smoke

When you have asthma, you need to avoid smoke like the plague. Such examples would include smoke, tobacco, incense, candles, fires and fireworks. Do not accept anyone smoking in your home and car and avoid places which allow for smoking in enclosed areas.

Keep healthy

When suffering from asthma, you need to do your utmost to prevent cold and flu, as they have the potential of making your symptoms worse. This underscores the importance of washing your hands regularly, especially when handling items that other people touched.

Reduce chances of allergies

It is important to ensure that the environments you settle in are allergy-proof. Such actions could include clearing your house of dust on a regular basis. When staying at hotels, it would be ideal to take your own bedsheets, just in case.

Take medication

If you are a regular or periodical asthma sufferer, it would make sense to investigate medication which may help in preventing such attacks. Most likely, you will need to take these medications everyday, which may help to ease inflammation in your airways, therefore maintaining control of your asthma. It is important to understand that you may need to take your medication everyday, even if you are feeling well.

Asthma is no joke. You will need to be well familiar with the action plan to combat it and know when to call the doctor just in case things get complicated.

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