Changes in Consumer Patterns and Trends

What changes consumer patterns? More importantly, how do you change them? This is one of the biggest questions many companies face and if only they held the tools to do so, their businesses would be much stronger and more sustainable.

Consumers today are too busy to listen to anything. They do not have the time to evaluate different options and most purchases are made instinctively. This highlights the importance of concise advertising which delivers the intended message in a matter of seconds.  In order for brands to stand out, they need to appeal to consumers on a subconscious level, creating positive associations.

Let’s take retail shopping for example. In the past, people used to actually visit the outlets before the internet took over. In today’s digital world, most would not visit the physical store but would engage in online shopping and have their items delivered right to their doorstep.

A similar framework applies for the take-out industry. The normal practice was to call the restaurant or take-out for delivery. Today, you can easily order from your favourite restaurant with just a few clicks from a website or app and pay online, without worrying if you have enough cash in your pocket.

Consumer buying patterns have also been heavily influenced by the concept of immediate gratification. We are now accustomed to live in a society where we do not know how to wait. Whereas in the past, people were used to wait for some material object that they wanted, today we have very limited capacity for such an approach. Just have a look at the way parents spoil their children with the latest gadgets, simply because they do not have time for them and the only way they can make up for this is through incessant spending.

The reality also is that the more one spends, the better it reflects on him or her. Our purchasing patterns are directly associated with how people perceive us, now more than ever. 

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