Black Friday

This year’s Black Friday will take place on the 29th of November. It is an event synonymous with excessive shopping where people swarm to different malls in a bid to acquire items at better prices and sales. It is the shopping day which takes place just after Thanksgiving. One would wonder, why such a negative reference or title for a shopping-related event? The reason why it is called Black Friday is because of the large volumes of shoppers resulting in a lot of traffic and in some cases violence as well. The term was coined by the police to describe the clutter which ensues this yearly event.

Those involved in the retail industries did not appreciate the term as “black” is normally associated with bad business days. The perception therefore changed where Black Friday is now associated with sales and profitable operations. This was achieved by creating a tradition where items were put on sale consistently during the day.

Although Black Friday is an event associated with shopping, it does have its own problems considering that both deaths and injuries have been reported because of it. At one point, the violence was so bad that some argued that it should be renamed as “Black-eye Friday”.

One of the worst incidents which took place because of Black Friday was back in 2008. A man was trampled on and killed in a New York Walmart. More recently, in 2017, five people were injured because of violence taking place on Black Friday.

People were also shot back in 2016, in New Jersey, Nevada and Tennessee. The man in New Jersey died from his wounds.

One interesting fact is that more than half of the recorded Black Friday incidents took place at Walmart, over the last decade.

Retail outlets work extremely hard to make Black Friday synonymous with positivity and good shopping. In certain places you risk getting punched in the face to get a good deal. With that said, many still deem it worth the risk!

In Malta, there are several retail outlets across the island that prepare for this yearly event. Shopping outlets in Sliema, St. Julian’s and Valletta would be jam-packed with a lot of people leading to these places. Literally, spending hours in traffic is no surprise whatsoever!

Will you be visiting any shops during this coming Black Friday? Which ones do you plan to visit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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