Benefits of Employing People who are Over 50

Many will argue both in favour and against employing people who are over fifty. When discussing workplace discrimination, age is very much put on the backburner when compared to gender, race and sexual orientation. In this article, we argue that people who are not considered for a potential job opportunity due to their age are also being discriminated against and we will also mention the benefits of employing people who are over fifty.

Research indicates that a substantial number of people aged between fifty and sixty-four are involuntarily unemployed. This illustrates a certain degree of discrimination and that businesses are missing out on the benefits of employing workers from such a segment.

So what are the benefits of employing people over fifty?

A wealth of experience

People who are over fifty are likely to have several years of relevant experience under their belt. This knowledge built following numerous years, will benefit the business as such staff can improve upon existing procedures and increase efficiency. They may also bring about several solutions to existing problems, considering that in a long career, they may have faced similar issues. 

Mentoring junior staff

Employees who are over fifty can also contribute to mentoring the younger generation of employees, providing them with invaluable tips and knowledge. They may also provide them with a framework for career growth and development. It is quite difficult for younger employees to find mentors with several years of experience who can provide guidance. There are also numerous thought process and idea-sharing benefits when integrating the younger generation with an older one, as different solutions may be planned and executed.

One common misconception is that people who are over fifty are already in a secure and long-term employment. There could be several reasons why people over fifty may be unemployed. One of the reasons could be termination or resignation from previous employment because of age or personal reasons. Another misconception is that employees who are over fifty may be less interested to work due to lesser commitments. This could not be any farther from the truth as people today are engaging in longer-term commitments and it has become quite normal for people who are still healthy to continue working.

There are several things that employers can do to benefit from the wealth of experience brought about by employees who are over fifty. Certain initiatives may include investing in training for such employees. In certain instances, employees who are over a certain age may be overlooked for training and development programmes. This should be avoided! 

Employers may also create working schedules which benefit such senior staff, considering that they too may have their own family commitments such as taking care of elderly parents or relatives.

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