Winter is way Better than Summer. Here are 5 Reasons why

The argument between winter vs summer never seems to die down, does it? On one side you have those who are summer fanatics and prefer this season because the weather is nicer, you can organise BBQ’s and enjoy the beach. On the other hand, there are those who prefer winter. In this article, we discuss different reasons as to why winter is better than summer.

More comfortable with clothes 

The winter allows you to be more comfortable in your garments, wearing a tracksuit and jacket without feeling too hot. In summer, on the other hand, irrespective of how thin your clothes are, you will still feel hot. In the summer months, you feel hot before you even put on your clothes, let alone when you are fully clothed. This all culminates when you are invited to a summer wedding and would need to wear a full suit in the scorching heat.

You can actually enjoy a walk

In summer, it is very difficult to enjoy a walk due to the scorching heat. In a number of instances, it is recommended to avoid direct exposure to sunlight due to dehydration and skin health. The winter months allow you to go for a nice walk in fresh weather, making it a more enticing activity.

Sleep better

The summer makes sleep more difficult. The heat interrupts a good night’s sleep, increasing your reliance for noisy fans and dehydrating air conditioners. Overall, sleep is of a much better quality in the winter months, as you are covered with layers of quilts and thunder is rumbling, whilst you are safe inside. Obviously, leaving the bed is much more of a challenge than in summer, when considering the warm sheets and cold air.

Exercise is better

If you practise a sport, it is much more likely that you would prefer winter than summer.  The summer months make exercise harder, due to the excessive sweat which is lost because of the heat. Winter allows you to enjoy yourself in more adaptable conditions.


Winter is also synonymous for another activity amongst football lovers. The football tournaments take place mostly during winter and it is a great joy to know that you will get to watch your favourite team play in the weekends and mid-week as well if involved in European competitions. During summer we only get to see just football friendlies, unless there is a World Cup or any other international competition.

Are you a winter person? Why do you prefer winter? Let us know in the comments section.

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