What is a Quarter Life Crisis?

A quarter life crisis involves a sense of anxiety related to where one’s life is taking him and would normally take place in the twenties, going up to the mid-thirties. In this article, we will discuss some of the symptoms of a quarter life crisis.

You wonder if your life will ever change for the better

As you prepare for work in the morning, you wonder whether your life will ever get any better, and start getting jealous of the dog! You will also wonder whether this is a temporary rut and if you will ever feel the way you used to. This will be accompanied by constant thoughts and concerns as to when will life ever be normal. Such thoughts can also distract you from your day to day routine, making you think that there must be more to life than your current predicament.


You immediately become nostalgic when you see an old photo or hear a song which was popular at a time when you were more carefree, bar-hopping from one place to the other.

The future scares you

When thinking about the future, you will feel a lurch in your stomach. You definitely do not want to be like the senior people you work with, fifteen years from now. You will also wonder how you will manage in the coming years, and what awaits you in the bleak years to come.

Money problems

You start to realise that income versus expenses is indeed an issue that needs to be carefully managed. You will notice that if you are not careful, in some months, your expenses will be greater than your income, keeping you on edge over your commitments.

Constantly seeking change

Part of a quarter-life crisis entails one constantly seeking new opportunities and changes in a bid to make things better. This may include changing jobs and partners regularly. The harsh reality is uncovered when you realise that in most cases, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Emotional roller coaster

You are constantly stressed and anxious with thoughts on how to keep up with your job objectives and personal life commitments. Everyone’s story these days! This may also extend to your perception of faith and religion, where you are praying for help in one day and taking it against God the next.

Buying things you do not need

The emotional upheaval and daily stress make us turn to shopping to alleviate sadness and boredom. Before you know it, you end up buying things you do not need and most likely cannot afford, so that you can hide the fact that you are broke.

House chores are a big challenge

You will slowly start to notice that house chores are hectic and that no one will do them for you. 

Any more quarter-life crisis signs to share with us?

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